Take Charge of Yourself

Do you put yourself in the hands of others, or fate, to just fix everything that you don’t like about you?

Or do you take charge of your condition? Actively control what you do, how you feel, how you walk through life and show up in it?

Have you thought about this? How our society is built on getting someone else to fix our problems. Clinicians. Experts. Mechanics. Therapists. Doctors. And the list goes on.

We find the person, we pay them, and instantly we get a solution.

But now we are faced with something that can’t be instantly fixed. Oh we may try. We go get an expert. Get a pill. Pay money. Get more pills and shots.

And it still isn’t working.

May I suggest another path?

It’s time you took charge of yourself, your condition, your healing, your circumstances. Everything!

Oh but wait Coach Dave, I thought I was doing that by finding experts and getting those pills I needed?

Well let me tell you that they MIGHT get you what you wanted.

However, it seems that those showing up in my sessions aren’t getting there. They are taking pills, getting shots, asking for someone to tell them what to do, looking for that one thing that will get them there and it’s not working.

What are they missing?

The one thing they haven’t tried, is exerting personal effort on improving their own condition. It requires energy, focus, changing their lifestyle, potentially their entire lives and their relationships, including their job.

They cannot remain living their current lives and get to a better place. Taking a “pill” only relieves their symptoms but often the symptoms come back despite these feel better quick solutions.

Our society has been trained to not put in the work. Just take a pill. Feel better instantly. Someone must have a pill out there for a problem I have.

Guess what. There is no pill for when it requires you to change huge swaths of yourself and your life!

Are you ready to take control of your situation and make the effort for real change towards resolution? It may be the one thing that will truly help you get to a better, and more longer lasting place.

And if this sounds like it’s not for you, what makes you resist taking control of your situation? What attracts you to handing your own problems to someone else?

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