Half Vineman!

Off to Half Vineman today!
Driving up with my buddy Dan who is a triathlon stud. Follow our exploits at Official Half Vineman site.
This the last year we can qualify for a Ironman Championships slot at a half ironman. They launched a new race series called the Ironman 70.3 series, which ends in its own World Championships in Florida in 2006.
I guess it’s more fair, but I was hoping to sandbag in to the Kona Ironman Championships one of these years via a half ironman, but now I’ve only got one more chance – this weekend at Half Vineman. After this year, I’ll have to try to qualify via full Ironmans. That’s tough due to the distance, but I’ll definitely give it my best shot.
Looks to be hot weekend in Sonoma! Time to pack…

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