Ready to Try to Discover Your Purpose?

Over the last few posts, we’ve gotten QUIET.

Then we brought AWARENESS to how our internal messaging system talks to us.

Once we recognized how it talks to us, we tried listening to its messages, to engage with our INTUITION.

If you are comfortable with all that, then you’re ready to see what you can discover with your life’s purpose!

So here’s the short version. 

Sit and close your eyes.

Get QUIET. Use meditative music if you like. Find a quiet environment to get quiet in.

Then try:

  1. If you have some idea of what might be your purpose, bring those gently into your consciousness one by one and see how your internal messaging reacts to each one.  
  2. If you have NO idea what might be your purpose, then simply ask the question of yourself, “What is my purpose in life?” and let whatever comes up be your answer, or guide.

Give it a try now. What came up for you when you did?

Were you able to get a positive reaction to one of your many options? Or did you get a sense for what your purpose might be?

Simple, right? 

But for some it may be difficult, if not incomprehensible or even seemingly impossible.

Will you be able to discover your entire life purpose with just these posts?


Note that it is a PROCESS. What we’ve been doing is setting the stage inside you.

To be open to those parts of you that you have not been engaging in your creation process. And these parts of you are crucial in determining what is your true purpose, coming from the authentic you and not from outside you.

Remember also that you tried using purely analytical techniques and didn’t get there!

Thus, exercising your INTUITION is the missing piece of the puzzle!

It opens up your sensing and messaging to things in your life that are either problematic for you, or truly aligned with where you need to be or go.

Therefore, you now have the tools to determine what is truly your life purpose (among other things!) and what is not.

As with many things, this can require some time to get used to accessing your intuition and listening to it. Certainly, uncovering your life’s purpose is potentially the biggest issue you might work on with your intuition! So give yourself some time and grace. Engage your intuition daily for this project, as well as others, and you will eventually get there!

And….if you need help, consider joining us for the newly launched 8 week program, The Quest for True North, where we will disengage your attachment to external forces and influences which have been dragging you around, and engage your intuition and spirit to discover your path towards True North, which is the path generated by your authentic self. It starts soon on September 18, 2023! Find out more about this program here.

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