Intuition to Unearth Your Life Purpose

The lack of knowing our purpose in life can be challenging. It makes us feel adrift. Lost. Uncertain. Every day you wonder why the heck you’re doing what you’re doing.

To get out of this, you may have tried worksheets or read a book and did some thought exercises. How did that work for you?

With many people I meet in session, these don’t yield good results for them. Why? Because most of them are THINKING exercises. They make you use the thinking part of your brain to generate the information, and then use REASONING to uncover the answer. Things like rating scales, pros and cons lists, and more.

The problem here is that while thinking and reasoning is powerful, it may not be what you need. Too much thinking and reasoning on its own can deter you from a good result! It can lead you into endless circles of thought, indecision because options seem all equal in positives and negatives, and result in further anxiety because you couldn’t find an answer.

By REASONING, since what you are doing ISN’T working, then there must be another solution. (See? Reasoning does work when you use it at the right time!)

What is missing is accessing your INTUITION.

These are parts of you that are part of your body, mind, and spirit and are part of your decision making process.

Unfortunately in today’s world, we’ve completely suppressed those parts of us. They are buried. Ignored. Discounted. Not even believed to exist.

And we’ve been sold that the only thing we need is our BRAINS. More THINKING. More LOGIC. More REASONING.

But yet, haven’t you been shown that it hasn’t worked for you, and especially for something like discovering your PURPOSE in life?

That’s because your PURPOSE isn’t solely a thinking thing. It is something that is fully EMBODIED in you. It requires checking in and acknowledgement with all of you – body, mind, and spirit all together and all of you needs to FEEL that this path you are on is the RIGHT ONE.

And not just your thinking brain.

To get to our true purpose, we need to develop our intuition. So if you have been following my recent posts on getting QUIET first, then AWARENESS next, it’s time to try exercising your INTUITION.

So close your eyes and get QUIET. Whatever works for you.

Ramp your AWARENESS of how the rest of you sends you messages. Feelings. Nudges. Activation of some body part. Visualizations. And so on. Feel a sense of OPENNESS to accept whatever comes your way.

Now bring up something you’re wondering about, or something you can’t make a decision on.

What is the first thing that shows up?

ANYTHING. Whatever it could be.

Be ready to catch it! Write it down if you can.

The answer to your query lies within the message you received!

What do you think of it?

Some tips:
DO NOT FORCE IT. If you feel like you’re straining to generate some reaction, go back to QUIET. Relax. Then try again. Let it come in naturally.

If nothing shows up, don’t stress either! Remember that you have existed many years NOT doing this so give yourself some grace. More regular practice will enable you to access this part of you with ease.

And if something did – you’re now on the path to discovering your purpose with ALL parts of you! In the next post in this series, we’ll pull it all together (as much as we can with a post anyways!).

How did you do? Put your results in the comments if you need help!

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