I definitely did not anticipate the pace of radical transformation over ~8 sessions

Dave provided valuable insight and mentorship many years ago as an advisor on our startup and I knew he would do the same for me at a crossroads in my career and personal life. His professional coaching style, extensive resources and approachable demeanor helped me navigate several significant decisions and emotions related to career transitions, grief and loss, relocation, and long term planning.
In these circumstances it can feel natural to expect or hope that a coach will give you all the answers to your difficult questions, and there were some questions Dave helped answer immediately, but primarily he provided tools, recommendations and frameworks that empowered me to find the answers for myself in a way that was ultimately more rewarding than being handed all the answers.
Going into our first session amidst the broader economic / job market conditions and my own personal state, I definitely did not anticipate the pace of radical transformation over ~8 sessions that resulted in a new job, confident relocation decision, mostly processed grief, and a lifestyle that is significantly more aligned to my passions with the necessary tools for continued progress.
I believe Dave’s coaching can help just about anyone, but especially those who are looking for what the best coaches offer: the guidance and toolkit to learn how to fish, and to accept or even appreciate the varied weather conditions life throws at you. I highly recommend working with Coach DShen if you get the opportunity.

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