Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

I’m on a roll with Hawaiian Shamanic principles! The third principle of Huna of Hawaiian Shamanism is called Makia and is translated as:

Energy flows where attention goes.

Hmm sounds pretty straightforward right?

You focus on something and it gets done.


How many of you today actually have great focus? The ability to really put your attention on something for any length of time? And I don’t mean an hour, or the length of a movie, or until the end of a video game.

I mean across DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS, even YEARS.

What could you accomplish with consistent and strong focus over that much time?

In our world of ever increasing distraction, and coupled with our avoidance of things we must or want to do for a multitude of reasons, does anyone truly have great focus these days?

According to Hawaiian Shamanism, the world is very happy to lend you as much creative energy as you desire but you need to focus on what exactly you want right now.

If you have random focus, you get… RANDOM RESULTS!

Note that this works towards negativity as much as towards positivity. You spend your days focusing on the negative parts of your life and you’ll get MORE OF THE SAME.

Like begets like. Like ATTRACTS like.

On the other hand, focus on the good, the positive, the joyful, the love and you’ll get more of the same.

Doesn’t that sound a lot better than more negativity?

What would the world be like if more people out there stopped focusing on the negative and concentrated on the positive?

More subtly, this principle calls upon each of us to take 100% responsibility for our lives. No more dependence on others, on fate, on sitting around waiting for it to drop in your lap. You want something? YOU focus on it and go get it!

So examine your focus right now. At least you focused enough to read to the end of this post! Great job! What are the big things in life you’re working on? How is your focus on those things?

And let’s not forget what’s going on inside – what are the big feelings have right now? Do you view the world half full or half empty?

Ready to give it a try? Take all those things you just listed, turn them to positive versions, and send your attention to this new list. Put 1000% attention on it for a few days.

Too much, too soon? Take one of them and spend a few minutes every morning to put single minded focus on it.

Then see what the universe delivers. I am sure you’d be surprised – and at what other changes may come inside you!

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