Top 10 Mistakes Coaches Make: Not Focusing on the 1% That Doesn’t Work

In my Laser Focused Coaching class, we talked about the Top 10 Mistakes Coaches Make. They were very enlightening and I have definitely made a few of them, if not even still recently making those mistakes. You might want to check them out. I didn’t want to post them here out of respect for the course, but you can download them at the course site.

As a preview, I will post one that has recently come to my own awareness and that is:

Not focusing on the 1% that doesn’t work

Image from Flickr.

This refers to the fact that when you get to the end of conversation, you get agreement but you sense it’s not at 100% commitment. It could be energetic where it doesn’t feel like they are totally excited and gungho about it; it could be in their tone and words where there is still some reluctance even as they say they will do it.

The mistake is to head for session closure, assuming what they say is enough. Instead you should inquire about why commitment isn’t 100% and what would make it 100% – essentially asking about that final 1% that is still missing.

You can guess why it would be worthwhile to pursue that last 1%. This little bit of reluctance/resistance/etc could derail any kind of movement!

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