What Are You Doing Today That Gives You Energy Instead of Sucking It Away?

Great question! Can you think of even one thing? Anything?

Or how about comparing giving energy versus sucking energy activities. Do your energy giving activities outweigh the energy sucking ones or is it the other way around?

I was just listening to the Huberman Lab podcast with Tim Ferris. So many provocative questions that Tim challenges himself with every moment of his life! This one leapt out at me just now.

It’s pretty straightforward to conclude that if energy sucking activities outnumber energy giving ones, then you’d end up in an energy deficit.

Battery running low.
Feeling worn out.
Exhausted by the end of the day.
Or overall.
Affecting then your mood. Your outlook.
Maybe even your mental health.

Energy is the currency of life!

Especially positive energy.

Negative energy brings you down. Taxes your system.
Your body, mind, and spirit depleted. No zest for anything.

So wouldn’t it make sense to shift your balance of activities to those that fill up your energy tank instead of emptying it?

Explore with me for a moment. Make a list of all the things you’re doing (or have done) today. Then mark a plus or a minus next to them. Count up the pluses and the minuses. How do you stack up?

If the minuses outnumber the pluses, how can you shift the balance? What activities might you cut out? Are they really worth the energy drain?

And what could you add to the list, that invigorates you? Energizes you? Powers you up? Uplifts your body, mind, and spirit?

BONUS POINTS: TRANSFORM negative energy activities to positive ones. Whoa? Really? Is that possible?

OK here’s the kicker – your attitude towards negative ones can flip their energy direction from drain to gain.

Yep. YOU have that power!

For example, a negative interaction with another person could be a pain in your behind at one level – but if you were to consider an opportunity for growth to deal with difficult people, what would happen to the energy then?

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