Do You Matter?

And I’m not talking about your atoms! I mean, do you feel you matter in life? To others? To the world?

What does “mattering” mean exactly? Check out this quote from the NYTimes article, “Want to Believe in Yourself? ‘Mattering’ Is Key.”:

Mattering involves “more than feeling like you belong in a group,” he explained; it’s also being “missed by people in that group if you weren’t there.” When it comes to self-esteem, you can like yourself and feel capable, Dr. Flett said, but “you still won’t be a happy person if no one notices you when you enter a room.”

To matter, people must feel valued — heard, appreciated and cared for — and they must feel like they add value in ways that make them feel capable, important and trusted, said Isaac Prilleltensky, a professor at the University of Miami and a co-author of “How People Matter.” It’s a two-part definition: feeling valued and adding value.

Do you feel like you matter in this world and to others? If you’re feeling like your search for passion and purpose in life isn’t quite there yet, how might adding this into your life equation change what could really bring joy and fulfillment into your life?

HT to Marcia Reynolds, MCC for posting this amazing NYTimes article on LinkedIn.

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