What Would This Look Like If It Were Easy?

Ah, to walk through life with EASE. 

No more difficulties, frustrations, hard effort. Sweating (yuck). So much energy expended. Like climbing a steep mountain side. 

How many of you feel like whatever you’re doing in life right now is like that?

OK. Here’s a challenge (from Tim Ferris on the Huberman Lab podcast!).

What would this look like if it were easy?

Grab a piece of paper. Take the hardest slog you have right now in life. Doesn’t matter what it is.

Now envision it to be easy. Make two columns. One for action, and one for feeling. Then start writing. 

If you’re most difficult slog were easy, what would you have to do, either differently or something new? 

AND, how would you want to feel instead? About every little bit of it.

When you’re done, put the pen down, take a deep breath, and have a look.



Now that it’s easy, how do you get there? If you now have clarity on transforming your most difficult, uncomfortable, frustrating task into something easy, what can you do first to make it a reality?

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