Chasing the Easy Life or Living Life with Ease?

So many people want the EASY LIFE. 

Isn’t that what retirement was supposed to bring? You toil for years under the yoke of an employer at a lackluster job, clocking in and clocking out. You reach your 60s and you’re supposed to put that all behind you for the EASY LIFE.

Or maybe you don’t want to put effort into anything and want it all to come to you. Hey that guy on Instagram did it and only on 4 hours a week, and also on a sunny beach somewhere! Why not me? 


Seems like circumstances dictate whether the EASY LIFE is truly possible. Many would probably agree that retiring as a concept today is not quite the way our parents could think about it.

And separating fact from fiction is pretty tough on how to get to the EASY LIFE. 

Does the EASY life even exist?

May I say that you may reach some level of EASY, and SOME problems drop away. But I assure you that NEW and DIFFERENT problems will show up to fill that void.

So EASY is transient. It sticks around for a while. Then goes away. What do you do then? Back to the chase again?

May I propose a different spin on the word EASY?



A desire to live life with FLOW. Without barriers or blocks. With confidence. Energy. Clarity on where you’re moving towards. 

Acknowledging that struggle is OK and normal. It’s GROWTH! And the path forward is NEVER a straight line up and to the right, but filled with ups and downs.

That life includes both positive and negative, and we have the power within ourselves to transform whatever negativity we want to positivity at ANY TIME.

How does that compare with the EASY LIFE, something that you may attain, only to find that the UNEASY LIFE is right around the corner right after you reached EASY?

Clients show up to session seeking to transform their lives. The pull of the EASY LIFE is there for many, and often disguised as the magnetic pull of what wealth brings. 

When the shift occurs from EASY LIFE to LIFE WITH EASE, they see that the effort, toil, energy they put into life is actually OK and with purpose. That seeking removal of that effort isn’t the answer. It’s the focus on what that effort brings, not the effort itself.

So after reading this post, do you still want to chase the EASY LIFE? 

Or would chasing LIVING WITH EASE serve you better?

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