When Therapy Doesn’t Work

I hear this a lot from my clients. That they went to therapy for years but didn’t experience any worthwhile resolutions.

Does this sound familiar to you?

This is not to say that therapy never works; but it does bring up the question of what is going on here.

The field of therapy is very broad. There are so many avenues to approach.

Psychiatry. Psychology. Therapy.
And many schools of thought within each.

Every one is trained, highly skilled, board certified.

But yet I often hear resolutions aren’t found.

So what IS going on here? A few things it could be:

The method wasn’t right for you.

The person wasn’t right for you.

You did not believe it will work for you.

It didn’t get at the root cause and was only a band aid over symptoms.

It didn’t address the issue in the way it needed to be addressed.

Something was missed and full resolution was not possible.

Let me say this in response to the above.

You just need to keep searching.

It’s like a massive puzzle of life and you’re looking for the right pieces to fit into it. And those puzzle pieces are the right people and disciplines that they bring.

Watch out for hucksters who promise you things for a lot of money. Be OK when you do try something costing you a lot of money and it doesn’t work.

The previously mentioned clients did find resolution, and then told me that therapy didn’t get them there but we were able to just now.

This is not to say that I’m awesome and better than these other clinicians.

Coaching with me was just a different experience that did work. Whatever I brought was what they needed at the right time and place.

Keep searching folks. Don’t give up hope in finding answers for what you’re experiencing. I can promise you that full resolution does exist out there and, if you maintain hope, you will find it!

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