Living a Psychologically Rich Life

Searching for happiness or meaning in life? How about a psychologically rich life?

In many of my clients, they tell me they have no purpose in their work or life. This is related to the happiness they feel, which at the moment is not present.

There are a number of ways that I coach clients to discover their passions and purpose, and how to recover happiness back into their lives (secret: search for positivity instead!).

It is a rewarding transformation I see in them, once they have clarity and, therefore, newly found purpose in their lives.

One aspect that does come up often is this concept of a psychologically rich life.

According to Suigehiro Oishi, psychologically rich “lives are best characterized by a variety of interesting and perspective-changing experiences.”

This is evident in the passions of growth, learning, and travel that often come up in my clients’ explorations.

When you think of the times you were able to go out into the world and experience new places, people, and things, what was happening inside you?

And when you think of your life now, are you able to experience new places, people, and things?

Where can you create a psychologically rich life right now? If you’re having difficultly imagining your life being psychologically rich, how true is it that you can’t have one?

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