Are You Lazy?

Is that how you view yourself? Is that the reason you can’t do all those things you want to do?

The Oxford Dictionary defines LAZY as:

Unwilling to work or use energy.

I often have clients who can’t get moving on something in their lives who describe themselves as LAZY. 

Us coaches really don’t like these types of LABELS, and especially one as vague as LAZY.

I’ve posted on LABELS before, that we assign ourselves, and the potential deterrent it is to moving beyond it.

If we use a LABEL for ourselves, it can also have underlying meanings which become real for the person. 

For example, here are some selected NEGATIVELY LEANING synonyms of LAZY:


Do any of these labels reveal your true feelings about yourself? Or perhaps another person’s feelings as they LABEL YOU?

LABELS matter. MEANINGS matter.

Compare this with POSITIVE LEANING synonyms of LAZY:


If these are truly the reasons why you are unwilling to work and expend energy, why aren’t you using these?

So being SPECIFIC is much more helpful, isn’t it?

Speaking of SPECIFIC, whenever a client LABELS themselves as LAZY, I always reply back:

I hear you think you are LAZY.
If you could substitute other words for LAZY, what would those be?

Then we can really start down the path of resolution. Not only in getting to the root cause of “unwilling to work or use energy” but also in removing the LABEL that is holding you back.

And so for you, my LAZY post reader, if you were to use other words in place of LAZY, what comes up for you?

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