Now is the Moment of Power

Aloha everyone! It’s 7 days of Hawaiian Shamanism with the 4th principle of Huna:

Now is the moment of power.

Where are your thoughts right now? Are they musing about the future, or perhaps in your past, something from years ago?

The past happened. It’s behind us. NOTHING we can actually DO about it.

The future hasn’t happened yet. No one can predict it.

It’s only as real as we make it be in OUR MINDS. If we are imagining a negative future, then we also get the negative feelings associated with that imagined reality TODAY.

Whether it’s the past or future, the only thing you can affect is THIS MOMENT. The NOW.

Dwelling in the past about what could have been – how does that affect you? Are you frozen in place wishing you had a different past? Are you still negatively impacted by things that happened to you a long time ago?

Ruminating about the uncertainties of the future – how does that affect you? Are you fearing all the bad things that might happen to you? Are you frozen in indecision about what to do today, because it might take you to one of the negative futures you’ve brought into your consciousness?

In either case, you can do something about it. Because putting your energies and focus on TODAY and not in the PAST or FUTURE is the only thing you can do right now.

You can choose how to feel today and the path forward despite what happened to you in the past.

You can actively choose and create paths to affect futures that are yet unwritten.

You can be PRESENT in the NOW with your thoughts and feelings, thereby replacing thoughts of the past and future with the experience of what’s in front of you right at this moment.

It’s why people always say to work on BEING PRESENT.

I have many clients who come to session who have elements of their past intertwined with how they are today. Resolution always involves what they do today despite things in their past. We first acknowledge their past and how their present was derived in part by that. Then we determine how to move forward from today.

I have also many clients who come to session worried about the future. So much fear and anxiety, manifesting in physical symptoms and stress!

I ask them to first acknowledge how it feels when they think of the future they keep in their minds.

Then I ask them to focus on right now. Take in the sensations of today. All around their body. Note their internal state. Their surroundings. The movement of air in their nostrils and lungs. Even thoughts of what actually is around them – their chair, their house, their family.

I ask them how they feel now and they are content, calm, happy even.

It’s magic.

They inevitably choose the NOW. Go figure.

So many benefits to being PRESENT, and living in the NOW. Focus your power on RIGHT NOW – what can you create? And notice how you feel when the past and future dissolve and you only have focus on what’s in front of you. What feelings emerge for you when you do?

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