Feeling Lost?

“Unable to find one’s way”
“Very confused or insecure or in great difficulties”
“Denoting something that has been taken away or cannot be recovered”
“Time and opportunity not used advantageously; wasted”

When I looked up ‘lost’, I found these in the Oxford Language dictionary online. So well stated too – how many of these apply to you right now at this very moment?

I felt lost once. I was at the height of my career at a major internet company and yet…I was lost.

How could that be?

It’s easier than you realize. Just because everything *appears* awesome doesn’t mean it is. Underneath all that goodness was:

…a lack of knowledge of where to go next….
…no one to ask for help…a feeling of helplessness…
…any advice I did get, I intuitively knew it was not right…
…those who told me what I should do left me feeling totally unvalidated and not understood…
…despite all my arrogance in how awesome I thought I was – up to this point in my life – I could not figure it out…

Does that sound familiar?

I did make my way out. It took me years of work, and many missteps in chasing dead ends on what I thought would help me. I finally did figure out what needed to change inside me, face my demons, and come out on the other side where I am today – a life where:

I look forward to getting up in the morning…

I am energized by the END of the day, by doing work that aligns with my purpose and passion…

I feel that I have found my place once again in the world and loving all of it…

It took me years, but as a coach and having led many people through this process, I found it doesn’t need to take years; with the right guide, it can happen a lot faster.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not feel lost for years when you can emerge from your funk in only months, if not weeks later?

So..how many of you out there feel lost? And how fast would you want to get on the right path for you? 

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