I’ve Lost Control of My Life

Are you feeling like life is spinning around you and you’ve lost all control of your life?

Many of my clients show up to sessions with a feeling of loss of control. Sometimes it is people, situations, and events yanking them around. Other times it is a sense of overwhelm, dejection, lack of direction and purpose. Or both. Most of the time they don’t know it’s control they are looking for.

When we feel that we’ve lost control of things in our lives, it brings up feelings of fear, stress, anxiety, and that things around us are ending up in places we don’t want them to be. We can’t reach our goals. We can’t be the authentic person we want to be.

Life is just taking us wherever it wants to and we fear where we may end up and we can’t do anything about it.

How true is that?

Regaining control of our lives is important to our well-being. When we have control, we:

Gain confidence in ourselves and our path.
Know that we have the answer no matter what life throws at us.
Fear goes away as uncertainty becomes certain, the murky becomes clear.

There are many ways to help clients to feeling more control. It can start with perception. After clarity is obtained, reality quickly follows.

It can range from a full exploration of all the options and laying out on a piece of paper, to learning how to release fears and barriers to expressing oneself in a difficult situation, or giving themselves permission to move in a certain direction which did not seem possible before.

Sometimes it’s a simple stating of, “It sounds like you feel a lack of control in your life.” This alone can generate an awakening of awareness, enough to spur them into finding control.

And many others.

Do you have negative feelings about any aspects of your life right now? If you could take control of the situation, what could you resolve? What could you create instead?

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