From Quiet to Purpose

If you’re feeling purpose-less in life, you’ve come to the right place! Following on my previous post, hopefully you achieved some level of quiet…?

Remember that it is only in quiet can you hear the internal signals that can guide you from your authentic center. Otherwise, how do you know you’re just following some voice from your usual noisy life?

Also remember what didn’t work so well for you – all those exercises and worksheets, querying your mind to come up with solutions. (If they did work for you, great! But if they didn’t…read on!).

If you can achieve quiet, then you are ready for the next step to finding your purpose in life!

Let’s say you got the quiet thing down now. You can eliminate the cacophony of noise from inside and outside you when you need to.

Now it’s time to raise your awareness of other parts of you that are always guiding you BUT you couldn’t hear before due to all the other noise.

Stay with me now. Remember you’re here because all that thinking and analyzing didn’t get you what you wanted.

If it didn’t work for you, then by REASONING the answer is something else, right?

OK here’s the next step.

Get quiet. REAL quiet. Use meditative music if it helps. Be by yourself in a room. Or go somewhere different. Find a mountain top to sit on. Alone in a park or forest.

Close your eyes.

Now pick something to think about, like a decision to make, or a person or problem.

Then listen. REALLY listen. Listen with all your senses. See. Yes, what do you see with your eyes closed. Feel. Sense. Hear. Smell. Taste.

When you bring into your consciousness that something, what comes up inside you?

A scene in your mind?
Words popping into your head?
A voice saying something?
A part of your body waking up?
A familiar odor or taste?

Don’t ignore whatever is coming up. It’s your unconscious and subconscious sending you a message! Remain open to ANYTHING.

Try not to overthink it. And don’t stress about not getting anything – the more stressed you are, the less likely something will show up! RELAX and just accept the first thing that emerges.

If you did acknowledge something that showed up, GREAT JOB. You are on the path to accessing what is inside you and being able to figure out your true purpose!

And if nothing showed up – don’t worry. RELAX. GET QUIET. And just trust whatever comes up. It can take some time. It can be a bit like working out. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

What are we doing here? We are training you to access your INTUITION. Those aspects inside you that help you stay on your authentic path. See how it relates to finding your purpose?

Give it a try now. How easy is it for you to access your intuition? To make decisions? How you feel about people around you? A problem to solve? Do you use your intuition or fall back on thinking related processes only?

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