Got No Purpose in Life?

Are you on the hamster wheel of life? Each day feels like a repeat of the one before? Lack of joy? No color to your days? Wondering why you get up in the morning or why you even exist in the world?

In coaching sessions I meet a lot of people who have come to this awareness that life is just one day after the next, with no passion or energy. They wonder why they are doing any of it and wonder if there is something better out there for them, a real “why” to why they are in this world at all.

How did you get here?

Often it’s someone(s) or something – news, social media, books, and the like – that told you that you should take your life in some direction.

Your parents may have been very involved in your life, directing it step by step to the moment you left home.

Maybe your endless scrolling of news and feeds led you to where you are today, immersing yourself in the fears and negativity.

And making you feel like you’re missing out when the orchestrated – now AI generated – posts of others, like friends or influencers, made you feel your life was never as amazing as theirs.

No matter how you got here, there are always common elements amongst my clients.

Too much thinking and analyzing.
A lack of knowing who they are now.
A lack of connection to their spirit and intuition.
Too much looking for validation outside.
A lack of trust in following their own internal guidance.

Does that sound like you?

If you were to ask yourself those observations as questions, what would your answers be?

Fortunately, it is never too late to awaken what is inside you already and find your purpose in life.

But it does take a process to get there.

Have you tried to figure out your purpose yet? If you tried it yourself, there are many books. Workshops. Worksheets. Pros and Cons lists.

If so, how did you do?

If it fell flat for you, then there is another way.

The first step is to get QUIET.
QUIET down the internal noise.
QUIET down the external noise.

What does this mean?

It means removing as much NOISE as possible.

Externally is more clear. Apps. News. Social media. People. Distractions. Environment. As much as possible. Fasting from your devices. Your TV. And so on.

Internally can be tougher. Meditation for example is something that is hard for a lot of people. But it does quiet you down. Get yourself out of fight or flight mode. Even tougher. What is it about your life that makes you think you’re being attacked? Remove and address all that.

If you’re wondering about your purpose in life, humor me and give this a try. It may take a while. Go on a device diet and journal on what happens. Try meditation and note your findings. Envision a world without saber tooth tigers. What would that look like? How would you get there?

Over the next few days I will post more about how to find your purpose in life that comes from deep within, but it all starts here.

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