What Do You Do With Information?

Information surrounds us these days. With our devices, it’s available at our fingertips. We can look up every possible thing we need to know, any time.

But yet is it helping you in any way?

Many clients show up asking for information. Some ask for experiences. Some ask for knowledge, at least from my viewpoint.

Sometimes lack of experience means a bit more information is helpful. It’s pretty hard to come up with something they have never experienced before! So a little hint or suggestions work better.

Sometimes they want an expert view. Sometimes they are lazy and don’t want to look it up. Sometimes wading through endless Google results is daunting! And most people don’t trust what they find now on the internet or media.

OK so now you’ve got some from Coach Dave. What do you do with it?

It is the rare client that actually runs with it. But they do exist!
I will check back with them and they will thank me for what they learned in session and it’s made a huge difference in their lives.

Most do nothing. But was it worth paying a coach for that information, that which you could have looked up for free on the internet?

Most people feel like they did something by obtaining information. They feel a little better by having it. Somehow it brings some level of comfort, how ever small.

Often people will DROWN in the deluge of information they find. It sends their minds in circles, lost in uncertainty, conflicting information, and unable to make any decision except freeze in place.

Still information without action is just information. Not very helpful to you! And it can overwhelm you in its complexity and quantity.

So what happens for you with information? Do have an urge to research something to the fullest? Need to find out everything you can about it?

What emerges within you when you get the information? An urge towards action or a retreat in fear?

And when you get it, do you actually DO something with it or do you freeze when presented with it? Or do you just casually toss it aside and do something else?

If you could envision a better relationship with information, what could that be?

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