You’re Just An Onion After All

We’re all just onions.

Did you know that?

I was just talking about onions with a client the other day. She happened to show up with the usual massive dump of issues across the board.

A regular smorgasbord. And she was the onion in the middle of this meal!

But what’s onions got to do with this?

Sometimes clients will show up with an assortment of issues. It’s a blur of a brain dump, a whirlwind of thoughts, a live illustration of the overwhelm they feel.

It can be overwhelming to us coaches too!

We then probe for a starting point. Sometimes the client has a feeling for where to begin, or we help generate awareness of it. When there is clarity, we go for it!

Many times they have no clue. (And neither do we!)

It is a massive tangled web of thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

They look to us to help untangle it, make sense of it!

That’s where the onion comes in.

Resolution often comes in layers. We start peeling the onion and slowly but surely we resolve one layer which reveals the next. Then we address that layer and peel it, revealing another layer. And so on until resolution is complete.

The most clear starting point is then what shows up in this moment. We address it and starting working through the layers, peeling each one away session by session, activity by activity.

It therefore requires patience on both the part of the client and coach.

To explore what is going on inside, and what will resolve it. And in the time frame suitable for the client’s movement towards resolution.

How does this resonate with you and your situation?

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