When Overwhelmed or Uncertain, Start with the Basics

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Uncertain in which direction to go, to get yourself out of this rut – This mess – Feeling this way – All the negativity bombarding you from every direction non-stop?

I meet many clients who come to session with a massive list of things impacting them, and most in a negative, draining, emotionally charged way.

The inevitable moment comes in a coaching session where we start probing on what might they want to start with, or what would they need first.

And they always answer – I DON’T KNOW.

If we could find a way to remove it, life would be wonderful instantly, wouldn’t it?

Maybe some of it is possible to address this way. For most, if not all, of it, the path forward may be foggy indeed.

If the path forward is uncertain, it usually means that working on something more BASIC is in order.

And the BASICS are:

SLEEP – protect and nurture great sleep.

STRESS – removing large and unwanted stressors, remembering that mindset towards stress kills, not stress itself!

PHYSICAL HEALTH – nourishing your body with real food and regular exercise. GO OUTSIDE and MOVE!

MENTAL HEALTH – what can you do to improve your resilience, your reactions to negativity? How can you bring more joy into your life? What can support you better?

ENERGY and RECOVERY – working on building up your basic energy reserves, and improving your ability to recover. Not letting your battery go below zero, and providing opportunities and space to recharge. Watching to never deplete yourself more than you recover!

Why work on these BASICS?

Without a stable and supportive foundation, achieving higher level resolutions can be nearly impossible.

For example, if you want to change your job to remove a negative stressor, how can you do that if you barely able to get up out of bed every morning due to not being able to sleep?

The BASICS improves everyones life.

For the overwhelmed and uncertain, the BASICS could be the critical first step to getting yourself out of your situation and into a better place.

When you think about the BASICS in your life, how might improvement there affect your overall wellbeing? How might they give you more energy to make moves large or small to change things for the better?

What BASICS could you be working on now that you are not?

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